Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7

Posted by Baeram Bremm on Monday, September 16, 2013
Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7

Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7: 1.5

Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7:Watch 's apps, don't kill them ! Stop killing randomly. Start monitoring them !


Stop killing randomly. Start monitoring them.'t need a task killer. But need a way sure a background app doesn't lose control . Watchdog monitors when one loses control, allowing kill just app. Killing apps blindly them working, app developers won't even take a bug report from using a task killer!

From Android 2.2 on, comm background apps, restart immediately. Watchdog removes immediately from , since there isn't feedback Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 whether successful. Having lots running doesn't hurt unless they something., killing restart simply consumes resources. If leave running, they immediately when back .

Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 lite, removing , while adding a “blacklist” feature. T pick a single app constantly misbehaving a CPU % threshold . When exceeds , be automatically killed.

So stop blindly killing all ; be smart them instead. Good Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 s .

Please note nature app, hard Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 a refund within 15 minutes. contact us from Google Checkout email within 48 hours full refund.

NOTE: There Android issue where Watchdog might crash upon launching after. related upgrade app while Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 happens executing background. 't affect 's operation. If t, re-launch restart monitoring.

What's New

(Updated February 5, 2012)

Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 single alert option.

Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 translation where Estonian was showing phone was set .

Collection reported

Last major update.5 users. available, but new UI Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 1.6.


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