DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3

Posted by Baeram Bremm on Monday, December 30, 2013
DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3

DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3: Android v4.0+

DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3: ActiveNotifications allows receive important notifications when . When a call a new email/SMS, light let , without needing .

ActiveNotifications allows receive important notifications when . When a call a new email/SMS, light let , without needing . Most phones a pulsing notification LED't actually tell DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3 notification -, immediately decide if something enough .


* Notifications don't light , purse, down accidental unlocks

* Select which app-notifications you'd like via ActiveNotifications

* "Custom timeout": Select long ActiveNotifications should be shown (Premium feature)

* "Sleep": Don't show notifications (Premium feature)

* "": Hide additional notification details (e.g. SMS text, sender) (Premium feature)

* "Adjust screen brightness": Select how bright screen should be (Premium feature)

* Automatically switch off screen when dismissing notifications(Premium feature)


- Swipe see DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3

- Swipe down (respects -security settings)

- Swipe left


- How make sure correctly?

Launch steps. Then, switch off 's screen from . After a few seconds, screen should light up!

- sometimes turns , even if my phone my pocket

Please go phone's system settings --> "Security" --> "Device administrators" next to "ActiveNotifications". T *only* allow , nothing else!

- When I lock my screen, nothing happens! f000h

isn't a lockscreen replacement. settings (PIN/Pattern lock) appears if receive a new notification while off

- app become available 2.x, 3.x, 4.x?

compatible >=4.0. If you're running Android 4.3, make use new "NotificationListenerService"-feature introduced 4.3. Support 4.0 .2 , moment, but please try me know how on!

- Why can't I uninstall ?

Please go system settings, select "Security", “Device Administrators” -entry. then be able .


- If you're using "None" or "Slide" system lock setting, the "custom timeout"-feature isn't recommended, because turn fully . Please consider adjusting display timeout setting desired time temporary workaround. T be fixed next DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3

Please note: T app. been confirmed Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 7, 10, Google Play edition S4 (all running stock Android 4.3.2) so far. Please let me know if /doesn't work! work phone >=4.0 't require "root".

Feature graphic design Olejnik (_http://goo.gl/LNXimn)

Recent changes:

<b>, launch , press the "MENU"-key, "Uninstall"!</b>


- "Syncing" across devices (if a notification PC, also dismissed from DynamicNotifications) [Android 4.3+ only]

- Ability lockscreen

- Added a "stealth mode" pattern lockscreen

- Ability second "Unlock"-swipe action instead "Open Notification"-action when no new notifications


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Note: all premium DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3 available.




Download :DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3 Instructions: Premium DynamicNotifications Premium v2.5 beta3 Unlocked


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